User guide for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch working on iOS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x

Please follow the steps to install the software in the mobile device you want to monitor:

Launch the Cydia application (if you can’t find it in the springboard, please Click here to Jailbreak the iDevice)

Tap on the Manage button

Select Sources ( If you don't see that screen, please go directly to the next step).

Tap on the Edit button

Tap on the Add button.

Enter the link and tap on the Add Source button .

Wait a few minutes then tap on the Return to Cydia button

Select the line

Now tap on the Smartphone entry.

Tap the Install button

Tap on the Confirm button

Wait a few seconds. Press OK button to allow 1mole to locate the phone then tap on the Reboot device button

After reboot, if the mobile device is locked by a password, please enter the passcode 1199 to login to your Bosspy account.

Enter the Email address and Password of your Bosspy Account then tap on the Login button. All datas captured will be sent to this account.

Anytime you can display the Menu to login to your Bosspy account. Go on the Search screen and enter 123456 then tape on the Search button.

The interface will appear ( if the interface doesn't appear, Please Reboot Again your device ). To Login to your Bosspy account, tap on the Sign in button.

Enter the Email address and Password of your Bosspy account then tap on the Ok button

You have the options to Hide Cydia on the springboard or Uninstall 1mole if you don't need to monitor anymore.


Enter a valid email address
Enter a password
I have read and understood the terms and conditions of use.